Thursday, June 27, 2013

Toyota Altis 2014 price and specs

Toyota has released the first pictures of the new Toyota Altis in 2014. Much like last year, the Camry, the new Corolla has two different looks to cater to a different market, and both versions are shown. Blue car pictures, is designed for the u.s. market, but the white one is directed at the European, and the differences seem to be only cosmetic.

Toyota Altis 2014 price and specs
Toyota Altis 2014 price and specs

Toyota has said that a new Corolla sedan, emphasis will be placed on targeting youthful customer base, and what we see in these pictures, we can say that they have gone wrong.

Release date and price

At the same time, rumors said that the Toyota Altis 2014 launch date is the end of this year. You can contact the certified merchants for Toyota to find out more about Toyota Altis 2014 bid. Is not meant to be, why should you ultimately fail when it comes to quality and relaxation that comes from the Toyota vehicles. This car is made in such a way that they will give you even more than projected. We promise to update soon after Toyota announced the Toyota Altis 2014 release date.

The Power Transmission

The engines to power the new Toyota Altis 2014 is expected to be similar to those that power the car currently for sale in India. 1.8 petrol and 1.4 diesel is updated with the performance and power in order to achieve better results. 1.8 petrol gets dual VVTi earlier, where the intake and exhaust valve timing are infinitely variable to help the car, to give more power and performance. Motor and transmission are likely to be more efficient and optimized for the new Corolla has a seven-stage automatic gear box CVT-based, similar to that of the current car. 1.4 Diesel fuel will continue with the variable geometry turbo saw the current Toyota Altis in 2014 and, even though the power is not supposed to exceed the 90bhp, Toyota is working hard to improve driveability.

To improve the efficiency of petrol and diesel with the addition of a new electric power steering, which improves the efficiency of typically 3-5%; not a big saving if you can think of it as a tank of fuel, but a huge savings over the lifetime of the car.

The Exterior Of The

Here, too, a larger front grille, headlamps, which are the three bars to penetrate wider and stretch even further back top edge. The Squared-off shape and horizontal lines gives the car a much broader approach. All in all, it is a relatively quiet affair; certainly as aggressive looking than the American model.

The Interior Of The
At the same time, it is also a very small changes in the design. The dashboard layout is largely similar to that of the United States car and, at the same time, more space and legroom, even if the digital clock is moved to the right of dead Center. Also found small differences between the trim and control in the face of the model. Small things, but nonetheless.

The features and security
LED headlamps are standard in body areas, eight airbags, Bluetooth and a tire pressure monitoring system. Optional equipment includes a touch screen audio applications, keyless entry and start, power moonroof, rear view camera, and a rear spoiler.

You have to wait a little bit to get hands on a gorgeous new Corolla-Toyota is expected to launch in early 2014, continue to upgrade the engines to be expected until late 2015.